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Welcome to True Companions VetVan - an MVS Pet Care Partner

Taking care of your animal is one of the most important things that you can do in your life. This is why you need to seek help from a professional veterinarian who can help you when your pet needs in-home veterinary care. Fortunately, True Companions VetVan - an MVS Pet Care Partner in the Minneapolis - St. Paul area, has the right resources to take care of your pet. Let's take a closer look at what we can offer your pet when he or she needs veterinary care.

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Our Promise to You

A veterinary expert should always put their patients first. In this case, we always go out of our way to ensure that your furry family member receives the best care possible for them to live their best life. Our team is patient, kind, and caring with all animals that we treat. We consider all of our patients to be part of our family and will continue to watch over them for the rest of their lives. We invite you to visit us and see what everyone is talking about whenever it comes to exemplary vet care.


Our Veterinary Services

This is a list of veterinary services that we can provide when your pet needs it most.

  • Annual wellness exams: We provide your pet with a wellness exam that can help us determine their health and take preventive action before a medical issue develops into something worse.
  • Illness or injury: We can provide immediate medical treatment for any type of illness or injury that your animal sustains.
  • Medications: We provide medications that help your pet fight off an illness or keep them running strong.
  • Vaccinations: Kittens and puppies will receive their starter vaccinations and older animals can be put on a regular vaccination schedule to stay healthy.
  • Compassionate Euthanasia: We console pet owners during this sad time and offer a peaceful way to transition your pet to a better place.
  • Microchipping: We provide microchipping services that can help you reunite with your animal if they get loose.
  • Travel certificates: We can provide travel certificates that will help identify your pet if they are traveling abroad with you.

We're your mobile veterinarian in the Minneapolis & St. Paul area

Finding a veterinary expert that you can trust doesn't have to be difficult. True Companions VetVan in the Minneapolis & St. Paul area provides in-home veterinary care for your furry friend. Call us today at (866) 838-2738 to schedule your appointment.


Office Hours

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Minneapolis - St. Paul Office

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Currently, all clients get 25% off blood pressure screening!

Meet Our Skilled Team

  • raeyna_home
    Dr. Raeyna Modrow-Longtin

    Dr. Raeyna was born and raised near Cedar Rapids, Iowa. After graduating from vet school, she spent over 6 years working in and managing a private small animal practice before moving on to Banfield, a large corporate practice. She spent more than 7 years with Banfield practicing, managing hospitals, and training other doctors before deciding it was time to 'go it alone' and bring a unique value to veterinary clients with in-home care. With her broad base of experience in different practice styles, Dr. Raeyna took the best parts of these diverse environments and created something better! In addition to providing house call care, she is very involved in the rescue community.  

  • jordan
    Jordan Longtin

    Jordan graduated from The School of Environmental Studies and is looking forward to completing a Veterinary Technician Associate of Applied Science degree and becoming a Certified Veterinary Technician.

    She has more than two years of experience working as a Veterinary Assistant, and has worked with Dr. Raeyna (a.k.a., “mom”) since 2019. 

    She enjoys riding her horse Willow, and lives in West St. Paul with her cat Sweetie, snakes Linguini and Lori, and geckos Clarice and Dwayne.

Service Areas for Mobile Vet

    • Afton
    • Bloomington
    • Cottage Grove
    • Dellwood
    • Eagan
    • Edina
    • Falcon Heights
    • Grant
    • Hastings
    • Inver Grove Heights
    • Lake Elmo
    • Lakeland
    • Lauderdale
    • Lilydale
    • Little Canada
    • Mahtomedi
    • Maplewood
    • Mendota
    • Mendota Heights
    • Newport
    • North Saint Paul
    • Pine Springs
    • Richfield
    • Roseville
    • Saint Louis Park
    • Saint Paul
    • Saint Paul Park
    • Shoreview
    • South Saint Paul
    • Sunfish Lake
    • Vadnais Heights
    • Vermillion
    • West Saint Paul
    • White Bear Lake
    • Willernie
    • Woodbury


    • I don't see how anything could have been better. Wonderful vet who was great giving vax's to our feisty young cat, and sensitive in euthanizing our wonderful 17 year old cat. Thank you for everything.

      - Ruth J.
    • Our experience was very good. We liked that you come to the house, it made it easier on/for Sambo and us. The Vet was prompt, polite, informative, and correct on treatment. Thank You very much. We have found a new Doctor for our 4 legged kids.

      - Michael R.
    • Dr. Raeyna is amazing and has shown extreme gentleness and kindness with our kitties. She helped our 18-year-old pass away peacefully and helped welcomed in two new adopted kittens along with our now eldest male cat. Overall great service and prices with staff they genuinely care and give advice on not just health but also behavioral problems. We have nothing but appreciation for MVS Pet Care!

      - Anabonita M.
    • Dr. Raeyna is a true cat whisperer, our three usually skittish cats loved her from the minute she arrived. She examined our little fur balls skillfully and gently and offered valuable solutions for supporting their health. It was the best veterinary experience any of us, the pets and we, have ever had!

      - Mariana K.
    • The experience was great couldn't ask for any better.. she was very patient with my baby. She never acted as if she would ever bite anyone but they don't like vets as we don't like dentist. I loved the fact she didn't ask for a muzzle. I hope to keep her as her regular vet thanks for everything

      - Loretta J.
    • Dr. Raeyna was so kind and compassionate with my 17 year old. She did not push her beyond her limits and communicated with me the entire time. She was able to offer advice in many ways including for my kitty's health but also quality of life and what happens when its time to say goodbye. I would highly recommend her and her services! Thank you!

      - Anabonita M.
    • Everything was awesome and made Leilani's and my life easier for coming to where I work and being so nice!! I tell everyone about mvs petcare!! Thanks again

      - Michael H.
    • Every visit is amazing, I cannot imagine our life without Dr. Raeyna, she is the most amazing person. She cares, listens and we trust her as a family member.

      - Shauna M.
    • We lost our cat in August, but we worked hard to bring her home and I remained hopeful that she would return for several months. I finally decided I needed to cancel her insurance, and Trupanion very graciously refunded me for the 3 months I'd paid the premiums even though our cat was lost. They have been very easy to work with throughout the time we had coverage, and I would insure another pet with them in a heartbeat.

      - Rowan
    • When our big boy Yukon was diagnosed with osteosarcoma having the comfort of knowing that all the money we have paid into this insurance policy was going to be put to the test. It passed with 5 stars. Knowing one can afford to keep a loved one alive is the best and with no payment delays.

      - Beverley D.
    • This is the most efficient pet care service.  I am so happy that I have found them.

      - Sandra H.
    • I got Trupanion insurance for my dog and cat when we first adopted them, almost 10 years ago. Didn't have to use insurance to the point I almost cancelled it. Our cat developed lymphoma and has been able to get treatment because of insurance. My fuzzy, big dog developed inoperable bladder cancer at age 8 1/2 and without this insurance, he wouldn't be here for all the treatments he had for it because we couldn't have afforded it. They have been great at paying 90% and quickly. Sadly though he almost made it to 10 yrs. old, but was taken by a massive stroke from a cardiac embolism. Nothing related to his cancer and Trupanion saw us through to the end.

      - Susan H.
    • After a rather unpleasant experience at our regular vet the week before, with regards to our sick 15-year-old cat, we decided to try this service. The vet was compassionate yet direct, and helped us to make the difficult decision to put our cat to sleep which our regular vet refused to do the week before. While the service was a bit expensive it was totally worth the peace of mind and the vet treated us and our cat with respect. We will definitely use the service again even for regular vet appointments. Thank you so very much

      - Alfonsina S.

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